Arandas Vehicles

Arandas Vehicles (アランダス 車 Arandas Vehicles?) are Vehicles that appear in the Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen television series. They are used by the Arandas Army. [1]

List of VehiclesEdit

  • Command Vehicle (コマンドビークル Komandobīkuru?)
The Command Vehicle is where the mobile command center is housed, and where orders are communicated and received from Arandas Army Command. It also acts as the communications hub for the unit or division it is attached to.
  • Maintenance Trailer (メンテナンストレーラー Mentenansutorērā?)
The Maintenance Trailer is used to transport any and all Trail Krieger's and to fix and maintain them when mobile.
  • Armoured Car (装甲車 Sōkōsha?)
The Armoured Car is used to transport troops quickly into a battlefield. Under protection of small arms and light rocket resistant armour, its speed and size make it ideal for its purpose.
  • Tank (タンク Tanku?)
The Tank is an armored vehicle used to attack and destroy targets. It also provides heavy and consistant accurate artillery fire support against hostile targets as well as direct fire on close targets (aka tank vs. tank).
  • Troop Carrier (トループ​​キャリア Torūpu kyaria?)
The Troop Carrier is used to transport a large contingent of troops through hostile or allied regions.
  • Jeep (ジープ Jīpu?)
The Jeep is used by military officers to get around through regions.
  • Bike (バイク Baiku?)
The Bike is used by soldiers to quickly get around to different regions.



  • Except perhaps for the Trailer, Tank, and Jeep being similar in design; all other vehicles are entirely different than the ones used by Ingelmia.



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