Ingelmia Vehicles

Ingelmia Vehicles (インゲルミア 車 Ingerumia Vehicles?) are Vehicles that appear in the Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen television series. They are used by the Ingelmia Army. [1]

List of VehiclesEdit

  • Battle Fortress (バトル要塞 Batoru yōsai?)
The Battle Fortress is where the mobile command center is housed, and where orders are given out from.
  • Trailer (トレーラー Torērā?)
The Trailer is used to transport Trail Krieger's.
  • Tank (タンク Tanku?)
The Tank is an armored vehicle used to attack and destroy targets through providing heavy accurate fire support.
  • Jeep (ジープ Jīpu?)
The Jeep is used by military officers to get around through regions at a moderately fast pace.
  • Bike (バイク Baiku?)
The Bike is used by soldiers to quickly get around to different regions at a fast maneuverable pace.





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