Jamie Hazaford
AN02 002
Jeimī hazafōdo
Gender Female
Status Alive
Position Engineer (Arandas Army's 8th Independent Unit)
Anime Episode 1, "Encounter"
Voice Actor/Actress

Saori Ōnishi

Jamie Hazaford (ジェイミー・ハザフォード Jeimī hazafōdo?) is one of the main characters of the "Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen" television series. Jamie is an engineer from the Kybernes Manufacturing Company, in charge of the programming maintenance of the Trail Krieger, ARGEVOLLEN.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

She is a bit strict and has a short temper, as shown when Tokimune Susumu came to save her where she hit him. She is usually anxious and uptight but is also shown to be very brave at times.


After an encounter with Ingelmia soldiers who killed her companion in the Maintenance Trailer carrying the ARGEVOLLEN. She was escorted by the Arandas Army's 8th Independent Unit to safety. She was hoping to get back to her old department, but was given official instructions to stay with the military now that she is ARGEVOLLEN's activation key. [1]




  1. Episode 1, Encounter

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