Nanjou Reika
AN12 001
Reika Nanjou
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Position Pilot (Prototype Control Unit "Silver Will")
Anime Episode 8, "Rematch"
Voice Actor/Actress

Yōko Hikasa

Nanjou Reika (ナンジョウ・レイカ Reika Nanjou?) is one of the supporting characters of the "Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen" television series. Lieutenant Nanjou was an experimental pilot for the Arandas Army. She was Tokimune Susumu's older sister.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

She appeared to be very open and has the habitat of shaking the hands of others rather than saluting.

She can also be nervous, as seen when she had to perform a special test to reveal the capabilities of the experiment she was apart of.


Reika died eight years earlier at Bellhals. The military stated that the official cause of her death was a fueling accident at a supply base, but Tokimune believes otherwise. [1]

She was one of the last pilot who didn't wash out of the program to develop the U-Link System. It was later revealed that she died because the system was overcoming her mind and she decided to end her life while she was still herself. She lost control of 6 unmanned Trail Kriegers who attacked the base. As a last resort, she used her last powers to gain control over the Trail Kriegers and command them to kill the Command Unit. [2]




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