AN19 007

(決意, Ketsui)

Episode Data
Previous Farewell
Episode Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen: #19
Next Another Mind
Japanese November 13, 2014

Resolve (決意 Ketsui?) is the nineteenth episode of Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen, it first aired in Japan on November 13, 2014.


Brigadier General Toshikazu Cayenne is showing Lieutenant Ukyo Samonji the Trail Kriegers called PERFEVOLLEN, mass-produced models of the ARGEVOLLEN. Afterwards Tokimune Susumu is being ignored by others because everyone is planning to throw him a surprise party for getting better. Jamie Hazaford was reeled in as well without knowing because she would have dropped hints. Colonel Shizuma Izumi talks to Ukyo, about how the politicians are trying to get a peace deal through and how Toshikazu and other "militarists" don't want peace. Samonji later on tells Tokimune what his sister meant for the U-Link System to be, "An Army where no one would die".

Notes & TriviaEdit

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