Sekiei (せきえい Sekiei?) is a mechanical vehicle that appears in the Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen television series. It is used and piloted by Arandas Army's 8th Independent Unit.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

It appears that it is only used to transport people.

It can also used as a scout unit because of its high speed and low height in comparison with Trail Kriegers.

Special Equipment and FeaturesEdit

The light weight yet strong metal steel legs are inverted for versatility and speed, allowing for it to move quickly as a recon unit.


The sekiei has a GAU-8/A Avenger 30mm cannon Gatling Gun. It is used for rapid accurate fire on enemy targets while it is moving at a quick pace.


Both the Arandas and Ingelmia military forces have their own sekiei models.




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