Surprise Attack

AN05 007

(奇襲, Kishū)

Episode Data
Previous Return
Episode Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen: #5
Next Run, Jamie!
Japanese July 31, 2014

Surprise Attack (奇襲 Kishū?) is the fifth episode of Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen, it first aired in Japan on July 31, 2014.


Jamie Hazaford runs into Tokimune Susumu as he plants flowers near his sister's grave, stating that he became a Trail Krieger pilot in hopes that he would quickly rise through the ranks and find the truth behind his sister's death. The 8th Autonomous Unit is then sent on another mission to help the Arandas Army's 3rd Cavalry break through an Ingelmia. During the operation, Ukyo Samonji fires off his flare, but finds that none of his allies have fired theirs as the enemy bombards their position. Samonji decides to have his unit shoot a flare over a unit that was supposed to support them. Using them as decoys, Private Susumu in the ARGEVOLLEN charges forward to counterattack.

Notes & TriviaEdit

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