Toshikazu Cayenne
AN15 004
Kaien toshikazu
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Position Brigadier General (Arandas Army)
Anime Episode 4, "Return"
Voice Actor/Actress

Rikiya Koyama

Toshikazu Cayenne (カイエン・トシカズ Kaien toshikazu?) is one of the supporting characters of the "Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen" television series. Cayenne is a Brigadier General in the Arandas Army. He later broke away from the core of the Arandas military brass that favored a false peace to form his own unit of those who believe as he does.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit


He was the one who informed Lieutenant Ukyo Samonji that Private Tokimune Susumu is Nanjou Reika's brother. He also revealed that the ARGEVOLLEN was initially supposed to be delivered to him. He is shown to be connected to the Kybernes Manufacturing Company due in part to his meetings with Youzou Suguro. [1]




  1. Episode 11, Rage

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